The Bend I Love       We live on Bend’s Westside. I’m not talking the northwest area of the City of Bend. I’m talking the area known to the locals as “The Westside.” You know, that area that starts as soon as you pass under the bridge on Franklin and rise into the downtown corridor. The Westside meanders through Drake Park and heads out toward The Victorian Café.   It takes in the homes built by the founders of Bend; the old Thomas McCann home, the Putnam house, the Shevlin house.

The millworker’s homes often times built or added onto by excess timber they’d bring home at the end of the day. It includes homes that started out as old camp cabins, shipped in by the mills pre-built to house their laborers. The Westside also includes homes built by families who came to start their own businesses as furriers, milliners, developers, builders, lawyers, and doctors.

The days when homes, streets, sidewalks and businesses were built to be convenient for those with little or no motorized transportation as many people still traveled to their work and home by foot.

And running smack dab through it all is the Deschutes River.

A fast moving river in parts that slows down as it shines through Drake Park and is lovingly referred to as Mirror Pond.

This is the Westside where I live. Not only do my husband and I live here, we also work here. We have the privilege of working out of our home. While the world has grown up around this throwback to a bygone era, I still see those times when I walk around town during my daily business errands, when I walk the dogs, when we go out to eat or play.

I write this piece to share with you my love of Bend. I also had a number of pictures I took that I wanted to share and came up with this post just so I could insert them for the world to see my town. Yes, I’m a Realtor. Yes, this is a blog about real estate and investments in Bend. But hey, the real reason I live here is because it is an amazingly beautiful playground . . . and we get to live smack dab in the middle of it!

Live, Work, Play in Bend ~ Love Your Life!


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